Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hospital Records: Top Tunes

Today we would like to present tunes from a label, which has contributed to the developement of drum'n'bass music on an equal level as other legendary labels, such as Goldie's Metalheadz or Good Looking Records ran by LTJ Bukem - Hospital Records.


Label, whose best times are the relict of the past now unfortunately, releasing today  euro-pop shite (look at Netsky's tunes or High Contrast's latest LP) aimed at commercial profit.

That is why we have chosen (as a subjective selection) Hospital's finest tracks below. The order which they appear is strictly random:

London Elekttricity - Cum Dancing [Hospital Records, NHS46]

High Contrast - The Basement Track [Hospital Records, NHS60]

Logistics - Beatbox Master [Hospital Records, NHS112]

Danny Byrd - Shock Out [Hospital Records, NHS132]

Cyantific - Little Green Man [Hospital Records, NHS71]

Q Project - Living With Beaker (total science remix) [Hospital Records, NHS110] 


Hospital Records' Facebook page:

Hospital Records' website:

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Kenjah December 2013 mix (dj zinc d'n'b special)

Hey... Ho...

Xmass is coming so it's time to upload a new mix.

Made out of respect for the one of the most influential DJs/producers when it comes to breakbeats (jungle, drum'n'bass, uk garage, etc.)

Author of such a massive tunes as Super Sharp Shooter [Ganja Records, GAN009] or 138 Trek [True Playaz, TPR12025] as well as legendary remiix of Ready Or Not by Fugees.

Here we go: Bingo Beats head honcho! The original Super Sharp Shooter!

Listen to the mix here:


1. DJ Zinc - Reach Out (dj zinc remix) [True Playaz]
2. DJ Zinc - Freenote [True Playaz]
3. DJ Zinc - Lost Contact [True Playaz]
4. DJ Hype / DJ Zinc - Disappear [True Playaz]
5. DJ Zinc - Steroidz [Bingo Beats]
6. DJ Zinc - Steppin Stones (dj zinc & dj friction remix) [Bingo Beats]
7. DJ Zinc - The Star Of Polaris [Bingo Beats]
8. DJ Zinc feat. Dynamite MC - Creeper [Bingo Beats]
9. DJ Zinc feat. Dynamite MC - Creeper (remix) [Bingo Beats]
10. DJ Zinc - Japache [Bingo Beats]
11. DJ Zinc - Funny [Bingo Beats]
12. Dope Skillz - Suddenly [Bingo Beats]
13. DJ Zinc - India Jungle [Bingo Beats]
14. DJ Zinc - Pump Up [Bingo Beats]
15. Jammin - Go DJ (dj zinc remix) [Bingo Beats]

Friday, 13 December 2013

LTJ Bukem: Retrospective Mix

One of the DJs/producers thanks to whom we've got Hospital, Spearheads Records and other soulful imprints.

If it wasn't Bukem and his Good Looking/Looking Good label established at the beginning of the 90s, there would be no amtospheric jungle or liquid drum'n'bass.

Today premiere on Beatport ---> wicked journey to the golden years of the last decade, in a softer style of jungle/drun'n'bass.

For those unaware: learn from The Master!

Listen to / buy mix here:

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Shogun Audio: Way Of The Warrior Volume II

At last!

Way Of The Warrior 2 [Shogun Audio, SHACD008] - a new compilation released by Shogun Audio imprint, led by DJ Friction. This set offers tracks by producers from Friction's stable as well as special appearences from the old headz such as Total Science nad DLR.

It's a compilation suitable for everyone; from technical cuts by Optiv & BTK or Icicle, through quasi-jungle already mentioned Total Science to soul rollers served by Spectrasoul and Technimatic.

Beats as sharp as samurai's katana - perfect for the forthcoming cold days and nights.

For those, prefering warmer climate we recommend this:

Technimatic - Bristol [Shogun Audio, SHACD008]